SEPIA: The Highest Quality *MEDICAL-GRADE* PMU Microblading MicroPigment Available Anywhere

The Standard Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is the first Korean medical device manufacturer to develop its own Endoscopic Marker. Black Eye™ Endoscopic Marker is sold to more than 50 countries around the world including the United States (FDA approval 2019) and Germany.

In 2016 Sepia Brand Micropigments and Inks division began the task of producing the safest, highest quality, longest lasting superior medical grade micropigments produced anywhere. Our state of the art laboratory is a result of this commitment to our customers.

All products undergo extremely strict production and quality control in our world class medical products manufacturing facility. Our ISO Class 5 Clean Room guarantees clean/aseptic and germ-free product. Our laboratory meets or exceeds international, regional, and local standards including ISO 9001 accreditation and is Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) Certified. We utilize our own EO sterilization and Steam sterilization facility. We also have an aseptic (no touch, sterile) filling system verified by a strict and comprehensive validation process.

The Standard Co., LTD was recognized as the Small Giant Company of Korea in 2019

Southwest Medical Sales, LLC is proud to offer the Sepia line to Professional Microblading/PMU Artists, Microblading/PMU Academies, Dealers, and Wholesale Accounts. Please contact us for Wholesale, Academy, or Dealer inquiries. Thank You!